The Environmental Management Bureau Region 6, thru the efforts of the Air Permitting Unit, conducted a sharing and re-echoing of comprehensive meteorology learnings and its impact on air quality on June 23, 2022, at Park Inn Hotel in Iloilo City.

The data and knowledge gathered prior this event was coursed through to the chief of the Air Permitting unit, Engr. John Rheb Limosnero which he then imparted to his fellows in the Clearance and Permitting Division and in the Enforcement and Monitoring Division. Engr. Limosnero’s lecture was centered on the follwing: Synoptic Meteorology, Physical and Dynamic Meteorology, Climatology, and Air Pollution Meteorology. Further understanding on the topics discussed is vital in the pursuit of EMB 6 personnel to amplify the effects on the quality of air in the region, as well as the results that can impact in the daily tasks of the regional office. The lecture ended with a presentation and dissemination of essential materials such as video compilations and statistics.

To note, Engr. Limosnero’s active participation and knowledge gathering on the featured topics last October-December 2021 in 128 hours of virtual discussion from the EMB-CO , the Environmental Quality Management Division – Air Quality Management Section (EQMD-AQMS), in partnership with the University of the Philippines – Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (UP-IESM), shared his re-echoing towards EMB Regional Office 6.